Meet Ruth and Estelle:

Amanda Jill Robinson and

Jenna Pinchbeck have teamed up to

bring vibrant "educomedy" to the City of

Brotherly Love. As Ruth and Estelle, they are

dedicated to creating engaging, joy-filled, inclusive  experiences; whether they're performing at an event, teaching their Master Class, or hosting their podcast, 

"Learning Through Laughter", they entertain

and educate with bold storytelling,

humor and heart.

How We Started:

On a winter night in 2014, while rehearsing for a holiday cabaret, Amanda and Jenna started playing around as two spunky, big-hearted, open-minded broads with a love of cocktails and rock n’ roll. We never could have imagined that five years later, these women would become teachers, entertainers, and our attempt at making a difference.


Our cabarets allow us to share a piece of our hearts with you.


Our master classes create safe, celebratory, encouraging environments where students can explore the many ways to tell a story through music and song.


Our podcast, “Learning Through Laughter”, has become a forum where people can share what makes them tick- where they come from, where they want to go, and who they want to be.


We believe there is great power in story-telling, and every single person has something important to say.


We’d love to meet you!


Love and bagels,

A&J (R&E)

Our Podcast: Learning Through Laughter

"The latest Relevant Tangent... went on to be a discussion about the importance of everyone's individual stories, the fear of taking up space and finding your voice.


Yesterday was one of those days where I watched the news and saw the atrocities being done to people based on the color of their skin or the religion they follow and I just laid in bed feeling hopeless. I despaired that I wasn’t doing enough to help. I wondered if being an artist and making creative work in these times really helps at all. I needed to hear Ruth and Estelle have this conversation. Their vulnerability and courage gave me encouragement that I’m not alone. Art has always been an effective tool for the marginalized and for resistance. I want to keep making ways for those voices to be heard. For the silenced stories to be told.


Learning Through Laughter is so much more than a comedy podcast or a Philadelphia arts podcast. It’s a joyful celebration of humanity and positive expression. In these dark days, it’s nice to know that we have people like Ruth and Estelle to keep us smiling and filled with hope." - Shaun, a dear Listener

Watch them in action! Here's a preview of Ruth and Estelle's masterclass in prepping for your next pop/rock audition. 

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