Amanda Jill Robinson and Jenna Pinchbeck have teamed up to bring the vibrant comedy duo Ruth and Estelle to the City of Brotherly Love. Whether they're performing at an event, teaching their master class, or hosting their podcast, "Learning Through Laughter", they are dedicated to creating engaging, joy-filled, inclusive experiences with bold storytelling, humor and heart.


Who Are They?

On a winter night in 2014, while rehearsing for a holiday cabaret, Amanda and Jenna started playing around as two spunky, big-hearted, open-minded broads with a love of cocktails, bagels and rock n’ roll. In that instant, Ruth and Estelle were born. Six years later, these women have become vibrant entertainers, educators, and a vehicle for spreading laughter through the City of Brotherly Love- and beyond! 


A Sequins of Fortunate Events


Written, produced, and performed by Amanda Jill Robinson and Jenna Pinchbeck,  Ruth and Estelle’s A Sequins of Fortunate Events is a one act play that premiered in 2020 as part of the Philly Theatre Week festival. The show was an opportunity  to pluck Ruth and Estelle from their improv roots and plant them in a scripted environment to share their origin story. 


Set in the Summer of ‘69, Sequins begins with R&E’s move from Toledo, Ohio to New York City with nothing but a box truck and a dream of making it in theatre. What they find along the way proves to be far more exhilarating; a wildly successful career in Love Coaching. And it’s all thanks to an unassuming little bar in Greenwich Village.


Audience Comments and Reviews


“The whole little production is big. Awesome acting, writing, staging, flow/structure/pacing.”


“I’ve laughed harder at this show than the last four shows I’ve seen and I paid hundreds of dollars to see them.”


“You guys should get a tape (recording) of it into the hands of someone like Tina Fey. Seriously. She'd love it.”


“Listening to them speak was like watching the familiarity with my best friends. We are loud. We are fun. We are like sisters. We forge a web of love between us that sometimes can’t be understood. That forge of love has gotten us all through divorces, marriage, and childbirth and beyond. Ruth and Estelle have that same bond of friendship...”


Our Master Class:

Masta Class is an interactive experience designed for both the classroom and the stage alike.  It is at once a theatrical storytelling event and a master class in musical performance and song interpretation.  It is built to unite a room in unearthing a song's fullest potential and celebrating the uniqueness of every performer’s artistry.


We believe in the power of laughter and its unique ability to level a playing field. When we laugh together, we learn together and leave all judgement and self-doubt at the door where it belongs.




“I felt freer and warmed up to focus on my intentions and obstacles in the song.”


“I actually felt very comfortable with a little bit of silly. This is not a bad thing. I think it helped me get out of my head and not be hard on myself. The energy in the room was so warm and I didn't feel judged or that I had to prove myself.” 


“I feel as though other classes are stressful for me with the need to perform for my classmates...The way R&E explained the adjustment seemed like a hoot and made me want to do it and not stress about it.”


“I enjoyed the exercises that Ruth and Estelle gave me because it allowed me to explore some more 'extreme' motivations/emotions of the song. Going to these extremes, I found, helped me find some interesting tidbits to latch onto and use. Because of this, I tried some new things emotionally and physically and it felt good!“ 

Our Podcast: Learning Through Laughter

"The latest Relevant Tangent... went on to be a discussion about the importance of everyone's individual stories, the fear of taking up space and finding your voice.


Yesterday was one of those days where I watched the news and saw the atrocities being done to people based on the color of their skin or the religion they follow and I just laid in bed feeling hopeless. I despaired that I wasn’t doing enough to help. I wondered if being an artist and making creative work in these times really helps at all. I needed to hear Ruth and Estelle have this conversation. Their vulnerability and courage gave me encouragement that I’m not alone. Art has always been an effective tool for the marginalized and for resistance. I want to keep making ways for those voices to be heard. For the silenced stories to be told.


Learning Through Laughter is so much more than a comedy podcast or a Philadelphia arts podcast. It’s a joyful celebration of humanity and positive expression. In these dark days, it’s nice to know that we have people like Ruth and Estelle to keep us smiling and filled with hope." - Shaun, a dear Listener

Watch them in action! Here's a preview of Ruth and Estelle's masterclass in prepping for your next pop/rock audition. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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