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BLITHE SPIRIT Walnut Street Theatre


"Amanda Jill Robinson is wonderful as the Condomine family housekeeper, Edith." Brenda Hillegas/ Philadelphia Row Home Magazine

"...the squirming of the selfish author between two women who love him drives much of the funnier moments, but some scenes have also been stolen by the Condomine's maid, Edith (Amanda Jill Robinson). And she ends up having a bigger role in the grand scheme of things than your would initially expect." Molly Given/Metro Philadelphia

Rodgers and Hammerstein's CINDERELLA Walnut Street Theatre

"There are no weak links in this talented cast. Amanda Jill Robinson (Charlotte) and Stephanie Kyung Sun Walters (Gabrielle) are both very funny as the stepsisters."  Claudia Perry/Time Square Chronicles

'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE The Philadelphia Artists' Collective

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"Every actor who graces the stage in this performance seems to have perfected their role. Favorites are sure to include Amanda Jill Robinson as Poggio/Philotis; she plays one part as a man as well as another as a woman, and in addition to transitioning flawlessly to each role, she brings pure humor to her part of Poggio. Pairing with Josh Totora who plays Bergetto (in addition to music and sound design), the two create scenes that audience members look forward to."
manda VanNostrand / The Theatre Guide

"Director Jessica Bedford and company offer a clear-eyed, lucid interpretation of this thorny Jacobean drama that balances the text’s somewhat outrageous plot elements with a keen grasp of its poetry."  -Cameron Kelsall / Broad Street Review


"Easily the best classical theater production I’ve encountered since moving to Philadelphia, PAC’s ‘Tis Pity also ranks among the strongest assumptions in this genre I’ve seen anywhere." Cameron Kelsall / Broad Street Review

"top-notch acting by a stellar cast
Alyssa Biederman / Broadway


"You can tell the rest of the cast-- are not strangers to performing this era's language, and make it easily understandable and play up the rare comedic bits written into the script." Alyssa Biederman / Broadway

John Guare's LYDIE BREEZE TRILOGY EgoPo Classic Theater


"...a fantastic, dedicated and focused ensemble of 25 talented actors... Their collective performance is, truly, quite stunning. One performance to look out for is Amanda Jill Robinson’s skillfully crafted Mrs. Randolph." 

-Rob Neddoff / Philly Review

"We also meet the desperately lonely mother of five Confederate soldiers (played with surprising sensitivity by Amanda Jill Robinson)." 

-Julius Ferraro / Phindie

"Several talented ensemble members do yeoman’s work as onstage musicians, playing with spectacular verve." -Cameron Kelsall / Broad Street Review

"...perhaps the most impressive ensemble currently treading Philadelphia’s boards..." -Cameron Kelsall / Broad Street Review

THE MAGNUS EFFECT The Greenfield Collective


"In the role of an aviophobe who also suffered from a severe case of OCD manifested in an obsession with numbers, Amanda Jill Robinson portrayed the symptoms and behavior of her character with gentle humor, sensitivity, and empathy. Over the course of the intimate one-hour show, she believably developed her anxiety-ridden member of a talk-therapy group from a timid socially inept loner into a more comfortable celebrant of life through her new network of support and friendship." -Deb Miller/ DC Metro Theater Arts

"This likable cast — directed with insight and compassion by David O’Connor — plays believably troubled, damaged people."-Mark Cofta / Broad Street Review

"Each character is developed with depth and displays great range in his or her growth during the show. Combined, they formed an exemplary ensemble..."   
-Lisa Panzer / DC Metro Theater Arts

"timely comedy plus intense drama, an excellent cast " 

-Lisa Panzer / DC Metro Theater Arts

WINTER WONDERETTES Walnut Street Theatre


"Coming from Germany, I was intrigued when one of the employees (the hilarious Amanda Jill Robinson) took apart the old German song “O Tannenbaum”... The American employee didn’t want to sing the song in German and had to be persuaded—nay, forced—by her three coworkers. She sang it with such disgust that the audience laughed out loud, even though there were moments when, I must admit, I cringed a bit at the old stereotypes of German culture. However, throughout the whole show, these loveable characters made fun of themselves and each other—all part of an evening filled with humor and satire, making fun of and even celebrating human foibles.


I couldn’t think of a more enjoyable evening during the holiday season—German, Jewish, or American, even Chinese!"                       -Henrik Eger / Phindie

THE GIFTS OF THE MAGI Walnut Street Theatre


"The supporting cast, including Jamison Foreman (The City-Him) and Amanda Jill Robinson (The City-Her), shine...providing breaks from the main story with moments of humor and heart."

"Jamison Foreman (music and vocal direction) showcased the multitalented ensemble, impressively playing several different instruments onstage." - Christina Anthony / Broad Street Review



Welsh Christmas in Philadelphia:

Interview with the cast of Walnut Street Theatre’s A CHILD’S CHRISTMAS IN WALES- By Henrik Eger | Phindie

"Robinson and Cromie give nuanced portrayals of aunts and uncles, each with annoyingly endearing vices that enliven and disrupt holiday dinners."

-James Rutter/ The Inquirer

"Rounding out this cast is Amanda Jill Robinson, who seems wishful and romantic as she tells stories from past Christmas holidays. This cast gives an honest and heart-warming performance." -Kelli Curtin/ Theatre Sensation

"The cast inhabits the stage as if they lived there, and they sing the way people sing, not the way actors sing." -Toby Zinman/ Broad Street Review

"The cast is made up of five ample actors whose chemistries indeed mesh well together...and their performances are all a pleasure to watch. Each actor and actress holds a phenomenal singing voice..." -Amanda Van Nostrand/ PA Theatre Guide

"Most impressive are the ensemble members of this production, Aaron Cromie, Scott Greer, Maggie Lakes, Matthew Mastronardi, and Amanda Jill Robinson, who not only sing in parts, but also play various musical instruments...Each one plays at least two..." -Celeste Mann/ DC Metro Theater Arts


Man of la mancha2.jpg

The cast was honored with a Barrymore Nomination for Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical

"Cromie has assembled a solid ensemble....All are wonderful singers, actors and musicians. The company’s work shines in such numbers as “We’re Only Thinking of Him..." -Ellen Wilson Dilks / Stage

"Robinson makes a treat out of anything she sings, even when she warbles while having a violin that she’s actively playing, under her chin."

"Amanda Jill Robinson, in addition to her musical and vocal gifts, is funny as she goes from the mean and always agitated innkeeper’s wife to Quijana’s concerned niece, Antonia."

"Jake Blouch, Josh Totora, Matthew Mastronardi, and Amanda Jill Robinson all make their songs count dramatically and emotionally.

-Neal Zoren/Nealspaper

BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL Life Theatre Company

Edited Image 2016-02-15 21-10-51

"It’s a pleasure to watch them, every single one of them. They go for big star turns when appropriate, but they also skillfully turn their performances down a few notches when the focus is on another actor. As long as they’re on stage, each is doing something worth watching."

"the acting talent on display is uniformly excellent. Amanda Jill Robinson turned in a side-splitting performance for every character she played.-JB Farley / Phindie

Amanda's work was 

nominated for a BroadwayWorld

Philadelphia Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical

FIFTY DAYS AT ILIAM The Greenfield Collective

Iliam Guitar.jpg

"impressively versatile ensemble...a rare confluence of unfiltered, beginners-mind, intuitive creation with mature, rigorous performance technique."

"a forty-minute performance-poem woven from dance, movement, a surprising amount of music (simple, incantatory, sung and played with a richly resonant purity – notably, only two of the six ensemble members are described in their program bios as musicians of any stripe)" 

-K. Ross Hoffman / Philadelphia Citypaper

"Eloquent movements, evocative sound, haunting live music... 

-Debra Miller/Phindie 


Act II Playhouse

Directed by Bill D'Agostino


Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival

Directed by Elaina Dimonaco


The Greenfield Collective

"As she searches for a new home, Queen Annie encounters several colorful towns and their emotionally charged citizens (all played by a very clever Amanda Jill Robinson)"

"Entertaining and well-acted... a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to the theater."

"Particularly moving are “Faster,” a heartbreaking song about rape gorgeously performed by Ariana Sepúlveda, and “Rainboots,” a father’s lament sung by Amanda Jill Robinson."

-Erin Mccourt/ Philly Review

"I was also excited to see Hannah Van Sciver, Amanda Robinson, and Lesley do some Shakespeare... All the actors are very talented, and know their way around a Shakespeare script. (Even one presented as “Bad.”)"

-Sally/ Bonaly


Reject Theatre Project

Directed by Leslie Berkowitz

"This chaotic opus...reaches Monty Python levels of absurdity one would never associate with CORIOLANUS, Shakespeare’s own, often overlooked, tragedy reject."


"...Amanda Jill Robinson and Megan Slater both transformed their traditionally authoritative roles into whimsical fools adding shades of satire to play."

-Emily K / MontcoMoms


-Michael Kelley / Phindie

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