Amanda is a Philadelphia based theatre/visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer originally from northern New Jersey. She is the co-creator and one half of the comedy duo, Ruth and Estelle; a dynamic pair of entertainers and educators who foster their love of storytelling through a series of engaging and inclusive cabarets, master classes, and their joy-filled podcast, "Learning Through Laughter". 


As an actor, she is dedicated to sharing the humanity and heart inside every character. She strives to bring to her work simplicity, spontaneity, a sense of quick wit and a spirit of joyful collaboration. (This bio was brought to you today by the letter S and by the number 4.)

As an artist and musician, she fuses a love of nature, history, poetry and literature into her music and jewelry designs.  


 Amanda performing her acoustic version of

"I Am What I Am" from La Cage Aux Folles at the Arden Theatre Company's Cabaret Series:

Alex Keiper and the Next Generation. 

I'd like to see more videos.

Ruth and Estelle have their very own podcast!

The gals believe you never stop learning- so that's just what

they're doing.  Pour yourself a cocktail and join

Philadelphia's oldest newest comedy duo as they sit down

and "learn through laughter" with a special guest each week. 

I'd like to learn more about Ruth and Estelle.