Amanda is a Philadelphia based theatre artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger and Music Director originally from northern New Jersey. She is the co-creator and one half of the comedy duo, Ruth and Estelle; a dynamic pair of entertainers and educators who foster their love of storytelling through a series of joy-filled cabarets, master classes, and their interview-based podcast, "Learning Through Laughter". 


As an actor, she is dedicated to sharing the humanity, humor, and heart inside every character. She strives to bring to her work simplicity, spontaneity, a sense of quick wit and a spirit of joyful collaboration. She especially enjoys the invigorating process of creating devised theatre and film.

As an actor/musician, she relishes working as an ensemble to breathe life into a composer's score and blend musicianship into the characters being played.


As a Music Director who specializes in plays with music, she draws the best out of people by meeting them where they are vocally- always reminding them that the voice they have is the voice that is needed. She plays to individual's strengths and works with them to overcome their specific challenges, working towards a goal of confident, character-informed singing. 


As a Music Arranger and Composer, she delights in crafting unexpected and beautiful pieces with rich harmony and simple instrumentation.  Collaborating with creative teams and actors alike, her goal is to build scores that serve as their own supportive, transportive characters within the world of a piece and establish organic arrangements that seamlessly blend from text to song.  

Amanda Jill Robinson; Photo by Jenna Pinchbeck

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