Amanda is a Philadelphia based theatre/visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer originally from northern New Jersey. She is the co-creator and one half of the edu-comedy duo, Ruth and Estelle; a dynamic pair of entertainers and educators who foster their love of storytelling through a series of engaging and inclusive cabarets, master classes, and their joy-filled podcast, "Learning Through Laughter". 


As an actor, she is dedicated to sharing the humanity and heart inside even the most seemingly quirky of characters. She strives to bring to her work simplicity, spontaneity, a sense of quick wit and a spirit of joyful collaboration. (This bio was brought to you today by the letter S and by the number 5.)

As an artist and musician, she fuses a love of nature, history, poetry and literature into her music, mix media compositions, and jewelry designs.  

 Amanda performing her acoustic version of

"I Am What I Am" from La Cage Aux Folles at the Arden Theatre Company's Cabaret Series:

Alex Keiper and the Next Generation. 

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Ruth and Estelle have their very own podcast!

The gals believe you never stop learning- so that's just what

they're doing.  Pour yourself a cocktail and join Philadelphia's

newest (yet oldest) educomedy duo as they sit down and

"learn through laughter" with a special guest each week. 

I'd like to learn more about Ruth and Estelle.

I said hey, what's going on?

Or, what I'm up to: 

Jenna Pinchbeck, my beloved collaborator, and I embarked on our most recent Ruth and Estelle adventure- writing, producing, and performing our world premiere play, Ruth and Estelle’s A Sequins of Fortunate Events for the 2020 Philly Theatre Week. The show was an opportunity for us to pluck Ruth and Estelle from their improv roots, plant them in a scripted environment, and see how they could grow. It received a rave review and warm audience feedback over its ten day run at The Bagel Place in Queen Village. Set in the Summer of ‘69, Sequins tells the story of Ruth and Estelle’s move from Toledo, Ohio to New York City with nothing but a box truck and a dream of making it in theatre. What they find instead is an unexpected and wildly successful Love Coaching career in Greenwich Village, and a community of friends that become some of their dearest family. 




Amanda recently collaborated on a devised short film with Tommy Butler, Sean Grasso, and Adrienne Hertler about two friends growing old together.

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